Mention love and suddenly everything starts thinking, really thinking, about who they are, what they are and how they are, it's like love is a force that defines us, constructs the insides of our bodies, it is the bones and muscles and tissue and maybe love isn't an emotion, or a product of the media or a chemical in our bodies, but an animal instinct, a motivation, and I don't mean love as in sex, I don't mean love as in needing someone I mean love as in wanting someone because we need every one and everything, we cannot choose what we need but with want, we have a choice. Love is the tug on your insides that tugs every animals insides. the drive, the motivation, the want, the want, the want...to just be close to someone, to wrap yourself up in their thoughts and mistakes and fall asleep.
I've been asking everyone what it means, because I've been avoiding asking myself but it just is, with or without any analyzing and poking and pordding, it is even if no one ever defined it , it would still be. It is eternal, and it changes and evolves and grows and dies, it is an animal within itself, burrowing inside of us.
tuck it in, fall asleep.